Easy Chocolate Towers

DSC_00601.5 cups chocolate chips

1 cup cornflakes

Chili or sea salt

Raspberry, Blackberry or Blueberry


Melt the chocolate chips with chili or sea salt on low heat, carefully mix in cornflakes. With the help of two wet teaspoons form a walnut sized tower, top with berry. Let cool down.

Lemon Grass Coconut Soup ( Tom Kha Gai)

This is one of the classic Thai soups. You can make the soup using shrimps, fish, chicken or just vegetables as below.

Stock ingredients:

 3-4 cups coconut milk

2 cups water if necessary

2 green chilies, seeded, finely chopped

1 in galangal, sliced

1 tbsp lemon grass, minced

1 small onion, diced

4 kaffir lime leaves

Other ingredients for the soup:

1 cup white mushrooms, sliced

1/2 carrot, cut in thin stripes

fish sauce to taste

fresh lime juice to taste

cilantro leaves to garnish


Heat 2 cups coconut milk in a large saucepan, stirring constantly until it comes to a boil. Lower the heat and continue cooking until the milk thickens. Add the remaining coconut milk and the other stock ingredients. Bring to the boil, lower the heat  and simmer for 20 min. Stir in the other vegetables, fish sauce and lime juice and cook until the carrot still has a little bite. Garnish with cilantro leaves.search

I am overwhelmed to receive a motivating comment like this

Hi there,

I found your email on the jar label of your grape and lemongrass jam, and I  just wanted to drop you some lines to tell you how much I am savoring it. This jam is so tasty, I love the consistency, and the color is distinct. I received the jam as a gift from my parents, and I believe they bought it from a crafts event at the Garrison Art Center.
When I first tried the jam, I’ll be honest, I was very much on the fence – I had never tasted anything like it and my palate wasn’t exactly charmed. My father noticed my unpleasant reaction, tried it himself, and said, “No, this is very good. It’s different.” I concluded that perhaps it would be good with brie or a sharp cheese.
I then accidentally left the jam at my parents’ house and didn’t realize until I received it in the mail from my mother. This jam was persistent. I stuck it in the fridge, thinking that it would be one of those condiments that didn’t see the light of day much. But then one morning shortly after the jam had reentered my life, for some reason my seedless Polaner raspberry jam just didn’t seem that appealing, and I gave your jam another try. I was pleasantly surprised – it was so good spread on bread. And then with peanut butter…wow, so good! I broke out the jam on New Years Day and introduced it to a friend over brunch. She was very skeptical and didn’t believe that it could possibly taste good, given its color. I said she should give it a chance and the next thing I knew, she was eating straight from the jar.
I don’t usually provide feedback on products, much less vignettes if you will, but I had to make an exception because this jam is so delicious. Also, the inevitable is nearly upon me – the jam is almost  gone. I am wondering now, do you sell this jam year round, where are you based, where do you get your ingredients from, what is your “jamming process,” do you have a website, etc. And at the very least, I wanted to extend my compliments and thank you for combining these wonderful flavors and for sharing it.
Kind regards,
Jen Larese

Spontaneous Cooking Class on Martin Luther King Day

Lucy, Viviana and Austin prepared Avocado with an egg on Spinach Salad with a salad dressing of their choice. Their mums, dads and grandmums enjoyed however that starter more than the little chefs…

For an entree they spoilt their family with a homemade lemon chicken soup with green and red Spaetzle, loaded with all kinds of vegetables DSC_0009 (2) DSC_0071 (2)to boost your immune system. Contact me if you want to also send your kids to a cooking lesson to my Chalet. Enjoy 3 hours of childfree time and get spoilt for lunch. You will be deeply impressed!

The Big Hit: The Cosmo

The Cosmopolitan or Cosmo is a cocktail with alcohol. It was first mentioned in 1934, but the recipe as from today dates back to the 90ies. The modern cocktail stands for a design orientated bar. It now is one of the Official IBA Cocktails, the official drinks of the International Bartender Association in the category ” Contemporary Classics”.The first modern Cosmo was served in “The Strand” in Miami Beach.
The ingredients for the original recipe were Gin, Cointreau, lemon juice and a raspberry. The modern version is based on Vodka with Lemon flavor, Triple Sec ( Cointreau), freshly squeezed lime juice and cranberry juice. No ice ( straight up)

4 cl Vodka Citron
1.5 cl Cointreau
1.5 cl Fresh lime juice
3 cl Cranberry juice

Add all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain into a large cocktail glass. Garnish with lime wheel.images

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Great for your New Year’s resolution! Enjoying the light and delicious way…

Asian style chicken with soy sauce, vinegar, ketchup and honey.


1 1/2 cups of white rice

1 tbsp ginger

2 chicken breasts

3 tbsp soy sauce

3 tbsp rice vinegar or white wine vinegar

1 large onion

2 bell peppers

1 chilli

4 spring onions

1 cup apricots or mango

3 tbsp ketchup

1 tsp honey

1 tbsp vegetable oil

1 tsp starch, optional


Boil the rice and chop and grate the ginger. Chop the chicken breasts into thin slices. Mix ginger, soy sauce and vinegar. Marinate the meat in half the sauce at least one hour.

Cut the onions into thin slices, dice the peppers. Take the seeds out of the chilli and chop finely. Chop the white part of the scallions into 1in pieces, the green part into thin rings. Cut the mango into mouth bite pieces. Mix 1 cup of water with the other half of the marinade, ketchup and honey.

Take the chicken out of the marinade, fry in oil con ist joolat medium high heat until brown. Saute onion, pepper, chilli, mango and the white of the scallion for 2 min.  Add the sauce and the starch ( optional). bring to the boil, then add the meat and sprinkle with the green scallion rings. Serve with rice.


DSC_0248Transform sandwiches and Pasta from Ordinary to Craveable! Love my homemade organic pestos for their infinite versatility. $8 per jar.

Arugula Lemon Pesto with Walnuts

Basil Zucchini Pesto with Pumpkin Seeds

Olive Almond Pesto

Tomato Mango Pesto

Spicy Peanut Curry Pesto

Sesame Mint Pesto

Thyme Chilli Pesto

Asparagus Pesto with Pinenuts

Carrot Walnut Pesto with Goatcheese

Basil Cashew Pesto